Resolve Outlook 2007 Unknown Error Code 0x80040116

Are you getting unknown Outlook errors as 0x80040116? Is your Outlook & PST file functionality hampered owing to unwanted errors that pops-up on the screen every time, you try & open it. If you are confronting this very situation & your email items are rendered inaccessible, then you need to go through the easy guide described here for getting back access to those email & items, after getting on the very cause behind the same & letting the same resolved at once.

Outlook 2007 Error Code 0x80040116 is better known as the time out error and is most commonly generated when user tries to send/receive mails. In addition, to the same PST file may show errors as such, when trying to load or process the very files say –

“Outlook.pst cannot be accessed -0x80040116”
“Sending and receiving reported error (0x80040116): unknown error”
“Outlook.pst cannot be accessed -0x80040116”

As discussed earlier, this is the time user is likely to face error when loading files & carrying all other sorts of mail related operation.

What causes unknown errors in Outlook 2007?

The most common reasons behind the very error generated could be from one of the following –

  1. Corruption or damage in PST index file – PST index file is used by Microsoft Outlook for handling user’s request, any task that users wishes to perform calls for index file to be loaded, in instance of the same being damaged, issues are likely to be experienced.
  2. PST file corruption owing to 2GB file limitation, i.e. if the oversized limit for the file is reached
  3. Damage taking place in PST file due to one or the other reason as – virus infection, sudden power cut off, abrupt system shutdown and numerous glitches alike occurring time and again owing to different hardware & software associated issues.
  4. Termination of the connection between MS outlook & server when the send/receive process was in progress. For temporary issue as this, restarting the application or establishing the connection once again would help.
  5. Incorrect or inappropriate account settings depending on the Outlook version used, may also crop up the issue & this is when you need to reset the same, making things getting to work properly once again.

This very outlook error that you may receive at the time of opening Outlook, trying to open/load files, viewing the settings of the personal folder files, clicking send/receive options & alike. This is why rectifying the same at the earliest is required and here you can know the easy process to fix Outlook 2007 Error Code 0x80040116 & alike outlook error fixes as well.

How to fix Outlook 2007 Error Code 0x80040116?

In order to resolve Outlook issue so conferred, the inbuilt utility i.e. Inbox Repair Tool may be used, however the same does not assure for outright fix of the error. Cases may even be such that scanpst.exe would fail to locate the very problem and these are the cases looking for equipped repair utility is essential.

Outlook 2007 repair software is specifically meant for the same as it scans the damaged Outlook personal folders to find & rectify the damages that exists and recreates all entries onto a new usable file. So, its all easy to get over the outlook error now completely & easily.

How to Repair Outlook 2007 Error 0x8004210a & recover PST Items back?

Step 1 :- After having the tool downloaded & installed on your PC, it needs to be launched in order to begin with the repair task. The main menu that appears, lets you browse for & select outlook.pst file to be repaired.

Step 1

Step 2 :- To get the scanning process started, click the start button shown

Step 2

Step 3 :- Scanning process in progress

Step 3

Step 4 :- As soon as the scanning process gets completed, list of files is shown in the left pane of the window and the required files could then be selected for being restored back at destination desired.

Step 4

Step 5 :- Select ‘save recovered file’ button & pressing ‘Ok’ following the same lets you save the files.

Step 5

Step 6 :- The progress bar proceeding, in this step shows the files being saved.

Step 6

Step 7 :- Once the files are saved, it can be easily accessed from the location stored at.

Step 7

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